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mr solomon okopi is a CEO & lead strategist of a multinational organization that specializes in diverse products for an array of clients spread across the African economic region.he has an oversight responsibility for a team of managers who design and implement business solutions in a billion dollar market, managing relationships with clients and top decision makers and solving critical business challenges as their business partner. 

he is partway to this desired future in his last role- overseeing the Product trading operations of Sahara Energy Resource Limited in the volatile Niger delta region of Nigeria and his being group head of the energy group in oceanic bank plc. during the former.he was responsible for leading a team of supervisors who implemented the marketing strategy for the business in the region. The business involves the trading of Crude oil products to multinational oil and gas companies who require a steady supply of petroleum products in order to keep their operations on track. These products are sourced from indigenous product trading companies of which Sahara Energy Resource Limited is the foremost in Nigeria. (

Thus,he possess managerial skills in leadership, team work, decision making and relationship management. These skills have been acquired and developed over various roles garnered in close to a decade in Upstream Oil and Gas, Banking, Marketing and Business Development roles. While he has consistently supported the delivery of functional business objectives through target driven initiatives,he however requires core business exposure in order to meet his long term objective of becoming a CEO in a product service organization. Increasingly, this has fueled a desire to become more involved in strategic decision making and operations management

The international approach to the acquisition of business skills and the learning philosophy at EDINBURG has provided him with the fulcrum needed to make that transition in attitude, thought and skills necessary for becoming an innovative and effective global business leader.

Very recently Solomon Okopi added to his superlative archive the ownership of a 25 hectre land dedicated to the rearing of layer birds with state of the arts rearing facilities, Solomon has a target of 250, 000 laying birds within the next two years, that cannot be called bluff since his history of less than 7 months in business has produced 26,000 laying birds and is already chatting the course for poultry farms that has existed for generations on the Plateau.
Beyond all of this acheivements is the philantropic and human oriented part of Mr. Solomon Okopi, this selfless urge of his, has come to bear through his relentless commitment of finances to the tune of a whooping ten million naira{10,000,000}not to talk of his interlectual contributions to what he refers to as his pet project (Ara-rocks creative craft institute ). His drive and passion is to promote the African youth to make Icons out of every single youth that he comes across or vice versa. In his bid to enlarge that coverage Mr. Solomon Keyed into the youth empowerment through craft vision . Mr Solomon sits as Chairman Board of Directors in this indegineous institute.


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