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Global Insight On Successful Existing Internal Revenue Generation Through
Pro-Entrepreneurship Tutorship Training for Nigerian Universities In Partnership with  A.D. King Foundation Inc., Ara Rocks Ltd Nigeria, National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund),engineered towards equipping and preparing Nigerian universities with global practices in terms of pro-entrepreneurship tutorship and practices.

As promised, the program will explore options to entrench practical entrepreneurship practices in modern training and operational structure of Nigerian universities with international mentorship and monitoring alongside provision of aid where necessary. It also seeks to provide Nigerian universities with insights on successful existing universities here in the US whose Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) alternatives are very successful and replicable within Nigerian universities. It will also alert Nigerian universities on the need for increased and diversified income sources beyond the present, cushioning the effect of steady crude oil depletion/fall in crude oil prices, an economy diversification initiative emphasizing the importance of practical entrepreneurship practice for Nigerian universities and by universities. Institutionalizing structures to ensure that Nigerian universities are primed to berth business entities, entrepreneurial minded scholars and entrepreneurs within it's educational process.

Theme: “Practical Entrepreneurship Tutorship/Practice Training for Nigerian Universities”

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

BATCH 1 DATE:   April 27th - May 2nd, 2015 (Postponed to Batch 2 scheduled date)
BATCH 2 DATE: May 18th - 23rd, 2015
BATCH 3 DATE: June 15th - 20th, 2015
BATCH 4 DATE: Posponed (August 30th - 5th September)

We have comprehensive training batches (Batches 1-4) running intermittently starting from 27th April to 4th July 2015 (view precise batch dates below). This is done to ensure practicality in training as regards one to one knowledge sharing/transfer per batch.

A) Westin, Atlanta Airport, 4736 Best Rd, Atlanta GA 30337

The A.D. King Foundation Inc. USA, non-profit (IRS 501 (c) (3) status): is a non-violent conflict resolution entity formed to revolutionize the mindset, attitude and behavior that promote violence and war with non-violent principles, methods and direct actions. The mission is to promote youth empowerment development and non-violent social change strategies as a way of life throughout the world.

Ararocks Ltd is a psycho-motor oriented organization geared towards leadership, good governance, bespoke educational processes women and youth empowerment, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship in the right perspective. Our years of experience in the market place as regards training, research and consultancy has helped us carve a niche for ourselves locally and globally, thus, Ararocks Ltd is affiliated to a number of global change organizations who also share the above vision.